mae waite bait fish original painting studio view
Bait Fish
mae waite bait fish painting head detail
mae waite bait fish watercolor painting
mae waite bait fish tail detail

Bait Fish

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"This piece depicts an assembly of fish often used as bait. The painting combines two different types of fishes: the simple sardine and the abundant anchovy. This work is a sibling painting to Surges which was created before Bait Fish. They both share the theme of “inwards looking out” although the concepts are very different. Bait Fish looks at the relationship between actual and perceived value. The fish are displayed in a row facing in the same direction. Given their abundance and traditional use as bait, the value of sardines and anchovies is easily overlooked. They are timid and not particularly vibrant. However, despite their small size anchovies and sardines have a big ecological impact. They are responsible for the sustainability of most aquatic wildlife as well as our own."

~ Mae Waite

This piece was created large-scale so that viewers can appreciate the wonderful vibrancy that the fishes portray both physically and conceptually.

Dramatic original Ink and Watercolor painting on paper depicting a school of anchovy fish, by famed Hawaii artist Mae Waite.

  • Original Mae Waite painting using ink and watercolor paint on paper
  • Art dimensions 84" High x 48" Wide (shipped rolled).
  • Wood frame optional

Mae Waite is an independent artist and illustrator based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Many of her pieces are the embodiment of her surroundings and emotions that are influenced by the environment. She is constantly in tuned with the artistic process of creating and emphasizes on different techniques. Mae loves to experiment on different surfaces, working closely with oils, ink, graphite, watercolors, acrylics, gouache, and illustrator applications.

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