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Business development is critical to the growth of all entities, and we are looking to create a new paradigm in Hawaii's arts industry. The Arts can play a bigger role in making our world a safer, saner, and more self-fulfilling place to be a human being, if given the proper support. Partner with help with your business strategy, whether altruistic or commercial in nature.

Areas of current interest for us:

  • Art event sponsors & hosts
  • Permanent or long-term artist programs (residencies, retail displays)
  • Art co-working spaces
  • Media communications
  • Influencers & Bloggers

Please send us an email with a description of your interest to:


“During Covid I ordered more on line, than ever before, so I can attest my experience with 808Arts was great. After placing my order I was given an estimate delivery date and happily received it a day earlier.”
- Dawn C.


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