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Featured Artist: Mae Waite

Each elegant painting from Mae is inspired by her daily life in Hawaii. Rich with cultural detail and enchanting artistic style, Mae's art is a celebration of Hawaii's intrinsic beauty.

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The mission is to bring worldwide attention to Hawaii's thriving community of fine artists.  We have been supporting the Hawaii art community through our sister companies Black Sand Publishing and Chromaco since 2001, and we are passionate about connecting local artists with collectors and sustainable business opportunities. In addition to our curated online Art Gallery we manage a comprehensive Hawaii Artist Directory and a community Arts Calendar for online and virtual art events.

Alex Gupton

Alex Gupton has mastered the art of detail. A lifetime of sketching, drawing and designing have yielded a diverse portfolio of work ranging from tiny drawings to large scale murals. A closer look at any of his pieces will reveal endless vignettes of Hawaii life intricately embellished onto his subject.

Discover Art From...

... Welzie

Welzie (Nick Welles) creates unique whimsical pieces of art inspired by his life in Hawaii. His uplifting style is beloved by collectors around the world.

... Jack Soren

Drawing inspiration from his Hawaiian heritage, Jack's artistic style blends timeless cultural concepts with pop culture, street art, and the Hawaiian lifestyle.

... Lauren Roth

Each painting Lauren creates is like a love letter to Hawaii, filled with vibrant colors, organic textures, whimsical style and an element of contagious happiness.

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