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Canvas Giclée Art Prints

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      About Our Canvas Giclée Prints
      Canvas art is a classic, timeless way to decorate your walls. Using the latest state-of-the-art printing technology we are able to craft fine art prints on canvas that accurately recreate the beauty of original paintings and bring photographs to life in vivid color.

      What is a "giclée" print?
      Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") is a French word meaning "to spray" - a reference to the pigment based inks that are sprayed precisely on the canvas to create canvas giclée prints.
      Giclée prints are widely considered the best quality fine art prints available today. Giclée printing offers the highest resolution and sharpest detail possible, capturing every shade of the original artwork. All canvas giclée prints from 808Arts.com are made with archival rated inks and finished with a UV protective coating. We use acid-free, OBA-free, and neutral pH canvas that ensures consistent, accurate colors that won't yellow over time. Our experienced production team has been working with Hawaii artists for over two decades and we take pride in crafting museum-quality fine art prints that will last a lifetime.

      Finishing Touches
      After we print and coat the artwork on a sheet of canvas, the canvas is hand-stretched over pine stretcher bars. Most of our canvas prints feature gallery wrapped edges, where the artwork extends to the sides of the canvas to give the print a finished look that can be elegantly displayed with or without a frame.
      Limited edition giclée prints on canvas are signed and numbered by the artist and include a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). These prints are referred to as "Signed & Numbered" or "SNs".
      Canvas giclée prints are often available as "Artist Proofs" or "APs". Considered the next best thing to an original painting, an artist proof is a special form of limited edition print that has been hand-embellished by the artist. The unique, one-of-a-kind character of artist proofs makes them a valuable addition to any Hawaii art collection.

      Made With Aloha in Honolulu
      All canvas giclée prints from 808Arts.com are made locally in Hawaii. We work directly with Hawaii's artists to create fine art reproductions that uphold the integrity of the original work. Using advanced scanning technology, original paintings are first converted to hi-resolution digital images. During the color correcting process, prints are made from the digital image and compared to the original artwork to ensure maximum color accuracy. This process allows Hawaii artists to offer collectors museum-grade reproductions of their artwork.
      Located in Honolulu, our experienced production team takes pride in crafting stunning prints that will stand the test of time so you can enjoy your Hawaii artwork for many years to come! | 808Arts.com - Hawaii's Fine Art Marketplace