808Arts.com is Hawaii’s new online Fine Art Marketplace. Its leading vision is to bring more awareness to the Hawaii art community, specifically visual fine arts including paintings, drawings, sculpture, and fine art photography. 808Arts.com provides a community-enabled, state-wide fine arts calendar to help promote public awareness of art events, assist events organizers to reach larger audiences, and offers an e-commerce platform to help artists support their livelihood.  808Arts.com also provides a comprehensive Hawaii Artist directory including most professional fine artists in the State. And finally, 808Arts.com represents many of Hawaii’s finest artists and offers high quality, curated art for sale.

Yes, we will consider “Fine Art” photographers as members of the Hawaii Artists Directory.  Note that 808Arts.com is NOT a stock photo service, and we do not promote documentary, scenic or journalistic photography.  Instead, we look for true “Fine Art Photography”, which is defined as images created with the vision of the photographer, ie, the photographer is expressing an idea, a message, or an emotion above and beyond the scene, and has a clear artistic intent.  Simply taking a high quality photo of a beautiful moment or location does not qualify. You must clearly add creative input on top of any natural beauty to make a statement.

No at this time we do not offer a financing program.

First, we start with wood molding, which we hand cut precisely to fit your new painting or print. The wooden pieces are joined together, UV resistant acrylic is cut to size, your print is archivally mounted and then we include all the necessary hanging hardware for you.

UV resistant acrylic is a type of plexiglass that filters out harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays. These rays will fade inks and paint over time, so it’s very important to use UV-resistant acrylics, as well as keep art out of direct sunlight.  We include UV-resistant acrylic in every order we frame.

All our frames come with all necessary hardware and wire, so all you need is a screwdriver, hammer and an open wall!

All our frames are custom made by hand here in Hawaii. Most orders with frames take 2-3 weeks until shipping.

We welcome the general public, along with artists, wholesale/retail people, influencers and all others interested in Hawaii art.  Please fill out the email newsletter form at the bottom of this page to stay in touch with us for upcoming art events, new artists, and the latest contemporary Hawaii art.

We’d love to have your destination added to our various community resources listings (Artsy Destinations, Associations & Non-Profits, Resources). Please email us at support@808arts.com the name of your entity, web site, and attach a logo file. We’ll review and add it if appropriate.

Damaged art during shipment?

How to report art damaged during shipping.

Although we strive to pack all artwork professionally to protect against damage during shipping, accidents happen. If your art arrives with any damage, you need to report it as follows:

- Take detailed photos of the exterior box/packaging as well as damaged artwork

- Email photos and your name and order # to: support@808Arts.com

- We will review the photos and reply to you with further instructions.

- Any claims for damages without supporting photos cannot be honored, we need proof of damage in order to file claims with our shippers.

- Upon approval of a damage claim, we will provide replacement art or a refund, at our discretion.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship to most countries around the world.  If you would like to know the cost in advance of ordering, simply add the product to your cart and then go to Checkout to enter your address and estimate shipping.  Note that any customs and duty fees charged are not included in the purchase price and are the responsibility of the recipient.

Shipping is free for Retail customers with orders over $50.00, using code FREESHIP.

Shipping charges apply to retail orders under $50, and to all Wholesale orders.