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Lovisa Oliv Art

The watercolor painting style of Lovisa Oliv is a delightful celebration of lightness and fluidity, embodying the laid-back essence of beach life with a touch of elegance from the fashion designer art world. Her masterful use of watercolors gives each piece a dreamlike quality, where the colors blend seamlessly into one another, mimicking the gentle lull of the ocean waves and the soft textures of summer fabrics.

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About Lovisa oliv

In our view, Lovisa Oliv's art captures the spirit of leisure and luxury in a way that's both playful and sophisticated. Her silhouetted figures, often backdropped by serene coastal scenes or set against vivid sunsets, carry an air of mystery and style. The figures are rendered with a minimalistic yet expressive approach, their outlines suggesting movement and grace, while the absence of detailed facial features invites us to project our own stories onto them.

Each watercolor painting by Lovisa Oliv is a portal to a sun-drenched world where fashion and relaxation coalesce. Whether it's the silhouette of surfers against the setting sun, elegant figures lounging against a yacht backdrop, or the whimsical portrayal of a surf club gathering, her work evokes the carefree days of summer spent by the sea.


Lovisa is a Maui based artist/illustrator who use her stylistic fashion illustration to elaborate onto her artwork into lifestyle and surf art. Born and raised in Sweden, she moved on to study fashion design and illustration in Florence, Italy and New York City. Now landed in Hawaii, she brings that work, life and inspiration balance to create her unique, smooth and luscious artworks. 

To learn more about Lovisa and her wonderful, fashion-inspired art, check out her Lovisa Oliv Artist Bio.