Terms and Conditions


Artist grants Black Sand Publishing Inc (DBA 808Arts.com) a "Non-Exclusive" right to use their copyrighted imagery and Brand assets for product sales and marketing. Artist represents that Artist is the owner and has exclusive rights to the artwork. 808Arts.com does not claim any right or interest in copyrighted materials.


Retail royalties (sometimes referred to as "licensing fees") will be based on the actual product price paid by retail customers, less exclusions below. Open Edition royalties are 30%, Limited Edition royalties are 40%. and Merchandise is 20%.

Wholesale royalties will be 20% of the actual product price paid, less exclusions below

  • Royalties are not paid on shipping & handling, taxes, gifts, framing and non-Artist products or services;
  • Returns, Refunds and Credit for purchases will be offset against Royalties if transacted after Royalties were paid;
  • 808Arts.com will not withhold any taxes, Artist is responsible for payment of all taxes.

808Arts.com reserves the right to adjust Royalties at any time with 30-days prior notice.


808Arts.com may offer periodic retail and wholesale promotions to incentivize sales, not to exceed 15%.

808Arts.com may also occasionally offer free gifts and Artist prints, these costs will be borne by 808Arts.com and no Royalties will be paid on giveaway items.

Royalties will be based on the actual sales price paid, including promotional discounts when applicable.


808Arts.com will offer art for sale through multiple channels, including its online website, 3rd party online platforms (including Ebay, Etsy, Faire, Amazon and others), physical pop-ups, and Wholesale (when authorized by Artist).

Artist is expected to jointly participate with 808Arts.com in promoting their art collection to drive customer traffic thru email campaigns and social media posts.

808Arts.com reserves the right to terminate an Artist program at any time based upon sales performance and/or Artist support.


Royalties will be paid monthly 15 days after the close of each month. If sales occur, a sales report and royalty check will be issued.


Effective upon date of submission of Acceptance Form, and valid for one year, with automatic one-year extensions.


Either party may terminate this partnership at any time with 30 days written notice. 808Arts.com reserves the right to complete any pending sales transactions and to sell any unsold inventory.