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S's blue - Saori & Shin Kato

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      The art of Saori and Shin Kato pops with vivid color, bold graphics and the streets of Oahu. Inspired by the island’s scenery, the husband and wife team known as S’s Blue approach their painting with a unique perspective, from behind the wheel of The Bus.  Shinichi, a driver for the Honolulu City Bus, has a daily front row seat to a view that most people dream of.  On days off, he and his wife Saori explore the island by motorcycle, in awe of Hawaii’s beauty.  Together they have found a passion for recreating the breathtaking scenes from the driver’s seat.  Shin Kato always had a love for music and art – originally from Kamakura Japan, he began his career as a musician and played bass professionally for over twenty years in bands throughout Japan, Seattle and Los Angeles. Saori left her home in Gunma Japan to attend California State University Long Beach, where she developed an interest in art and inspired by bold shapes and colors, and decided to pursue a degree in graphic design.