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Vintage art refers to artwork created in the past, often characterized by a nostalgic or retro feel. It often depicts scenes, people, and objects from a specific era or historical moment, showcasing the cultural and aesthetic values of that time.

808Arts Vintage is a curated collection of Hawaii and tropical art images sourced from museums, galleries, and archives around the world. Our professional art printing team in Honolulu has digitally enhanced each image to remove blemishes while preserving the unique character of these timeless works of art. 

Vintage art has become popular in recent years due to a resurgence of interest in mid-century design and the cultural and social trends of the past. People are drawn to vintage art for its unique style and the ability to connect with a specific time period, often evoking feelings of nostalgia.

Some famous Hawaii vintage artists include:

  • Lloyd Sexton
  • Madge Tennent
  • Jean Charlot
  • John Kelly
  • D. Howard Hitchcock

These artists are well known for their depictions of Hawaiian life and culture, capturing the beauty and spirit of the islands through their artwork.