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Colin Redican Art

As we explore the artistry of Colin Redican, we are immediately transported into the vibrant and rhythmic world of Polynesian art and island art. His paintings are a vivid celebration of the Hawaiian spirit, where the fluidity of the ocean meets the serene majesty of the island landscapes. Colin's use of rich, saturated colors and bold, fluid lines captures the dynamic essence of the islands, from the serene blues of the Pacific to the fiery oranges and reds of the Hawaiian sunsets.

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About Colin Redican

In pieces like "Mokes" and "Soaring," Colin showcases the grandeur of the Hawaiian landscape, with mountains rising majestically in the background as seagulls glide overhead in a sky ablaze with the colors of dusk. The paintings are a symphony of color, blending realism with a touch of the fantastical, inviting us to experience the islands' enchanting allure. The smooth curves and waves in the artwork, such as in "Channel Crossing" and "Canoe Drop," reflect the rhythmic movement of the ocean, a hallmark of Colin's surf-inspired pieces.

"Kalapawai" depicts a slice of island life, where the hustle and bustle of the day slow down to the relaxed pace of island time. Here, Colin's art tells a story of community and the simple pleasures of daily life in Hawaii. Meanwhile, "Curvy Canoes" and "Event Horizon" are imbued with a sense of adventure and tradition, showcasing the historical and cultural significance of canoes in Polynesian exploration. Colin Redican's art is not just a feast for the eyes; it's an invitation to embrace the spirit of aloha, to connect with the deep blues of the sea, the warm hues of the sky, and the vibrant life that thrives on the islands. His work is a true celebration of Polynesian and Hawaiian culture, a colorful tapestry that weaves together the threads of land, sea, and sky into a captivating visual narrative.

Hawaii-born artist Colin Redican earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Art Institute of Chicago. Colin has been a freelance artist on O'ahu since 1996, although his residential and corporate commissions have taken him to the United States mainland and abroad.

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