bree poort resin artist hawaii seascape painting

Bree Poort Resin Art


      Born and raised in Southern California, Bree Poort cultivated her love for the ocean, surfing, and art at a young age.  Family nights were often spent beachside by the campfire after a full day of surf and sun. Many days were also spent along her mother’s side watching her mother paint and give Bree tips and techniques in creating art. Bree comes from a loving home & family that encouraged her to be hard-working, creative, and kind.

      bree poort hawaii artist resin art

      Inspired by the beautiful North Shore of Hawaii, resin has allowed Bree to illustrate her mind’s vision of an above-Earth perspective of the ocean.  The depth created with layers of liquid-like flowing colors and strokes have become instrumental in establishing her original style, and her reverence for the ocean is apparent in everything she creates.

      Bree founded MOJO, a creative revival of sorts, bringing community, arts, healing and balance into the lives of like-minded humans. Her book MOJO can be purchased at, or you can meet her in person and take an art workshop at a private mojo retreat.

      Bree has created more than 700 pieces exhibited in galleries, cafes, and placed in homes internationally.  Bree has also been able to play with, glass and paint surfboards, ranging on work with shapers Travis Reynolds, Matty Raynor, Carson Myers, Bobby (her husband) and more.