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      About Bree Poort

      Bree Poort's style is characterized by a vivid clarity that turns the azure blues and whites of the ocean's palette into a mesmerizing spectacle. From the serene and undisturbed stretches of beach in "North Shore Goodness" to the lively and dynamic "PADDLEOUT" where surfers wait for the perfect wave, her work is a testament to the varied experiences one finds along the coast. It's more than just aerial photography; it's a narrative of the sea told through hues and movements, where every wave and ripple tells its own tale.

      There's a rhythmic quality to Poort's "PUPUKEA" that captures not just the visual rhythm of the waves but also the heartbeat of ocean life. "BEACH PARK-1" and "TURTLEBAY" further showcase the artist's knack for finding the extraordinary in the vastness of the seascape. Shadows cast by palm trees, the frothy lace of the shoreline, and the calm congregation of surfers amidst the vast blue - each photo is a chapter of a larger story. Bree Poort doesn't just take beach photos; she crafts an invitation to explore the depths and shallows of the oceanic world from the comfort of our homes.


      Born and raised in Southern California, Bree Poort cultivated her love for the ocean, surfing, and art at a young age.  Family nights were often spent beachside by the campfire after a full day of surf and sun. Many days were also spent along her mother’s side watching her mother paint and give Bree tips and techniques in creating art. Bree comes from a loving home & family that encouraged her to be hard-working, creative, and kind.

      We're absolutely thrilled to immerse ourselves in the stunning aerial photography of Bree Poort. Her collection of beach photos is a vibrant celebration of the ocean's majesty, captured from a bird's-eye view. Each image invites viewers to a different perspective of the seaside, revealing patterns, textures, and the sheer scale of the natural world that are often unseen from the shore.