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Aloha De Mele

In the vibrant world of tropical art, the works of Aloha de Mele stand out with a freshness and vivacity that captures the essence of Hawaiian art. Her style combines a minimalist approach with a rich palette, where each stroke and color seems to carry the warmth of the islands. The artistry is not just in the subject matter but in the way the subjects are rendered, with a simplicity that belies a deeper connection to the natural beauty of the tropics.

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About Aloha de Mele

The "Monstera" pieces, with their deep greens and playful cuts of white, are a testament to the artist's ability to bring out the lushness and intricate patterns of tropical foliage. There's a lifelike quality to the leaves that makes you feel as if you could reach out and touch them. They're not just paintings; they're a slice of the jungle, brought to life on the canvas. It's a style that's both relaxed and meticulous, much like the islands themselves.

But Aloha de Mele doesn't stop at flora; her "Lei Ers" piece, with its cascading yellow petals, transforms the traditional Hawaiian lei into a golden waterfall of color. This painting, in particular, evokes the spirit of aloha, with each petal seeming to hold a story, a greeting, a memory. Her art is a celebration of Hawaiian culture, a visual hula that sways with the rhythms of island life. It’s clear that each piece is not just a work of art, but a tribute to the vibrant colors, the serene lifestyle, and the rich heritage of Hawaii.


JT Ojerio (aka Aloha De Mele) is a self-taught artist that was born and raised on the tropical island of Oahu, Hawai’i. For most her life she was obsessed with sports and fitness, and finished undergrad college in Colorado and her Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and a certificate in Pain Medicine.

In 2017, JT discovered her love for drawing by chance after she suffered a hip injury that resulted in reconstructive surgery and a long recovery process away from home. While resting for most of that winter, she was able to explore her creative side for the first time and began drawing images that reminded her of Hawaii and the aloha spirit she missed so much. She quickly fell in love with the peace drawing gave her and continued on after her recovery with her best friend at her side, her pup Mele.

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