Hawaii Artist Directory Initiative

Historically there has been a great lack of community art resources in Hawaii, including a comprehensive and accurate Artist Directory.  Local art galleries typically only list Hawaii and mainland artists they represent, and local art associations may only list a narrow subset of artists (watercolor-only, island-specific), and there has been no comprehensive, state-wide, fine artist directory in Hawaii until now.

As Hawaii's new Art Marketplace, 808Arts.com is pleased to build and offer the first FREE artist directory as an art community service to help promote Hawaii fine artists to the world.  The vision of 808Arts.com is to bring more awareness to fine artists in Hawaii, by providing a comprehensive, searchable list of professional artists.

hawaii artist directory

Note that this artist directory does not include other art segments, such as performance art, music, literature, and most photography.  The focus is on "fine arts", which is defined as visual art created for beauty or aesthetics, and involves the full expression and display of the artist's imagination.  808Arts.com focuses on paintings, sculpture, and printmaking as its primary fine art genres, and we also focus on professional artists (those creating art for a living).

The Artist Directory is a public, community accessible database and is regularly updated with new artists.  808Arts.com promotes the directory to the world through its digital marketing efforts, including email, social media, SEO/SEM, paid advertising and more.

Take a look at our Hawaii Artists Directory, and search for your favorite style of art... if you know of a professional Hawaii artist who should be added, or have updates to existing artists, please contact us at [email protected].

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