Frame information

How Are Your Frames Made?

First, we start with wood molding, which we hand cut precisely to fit your new painting or print. The wooden pieces are joined together, UV resistant acrylic is cut to size, your print is archivally mounted and then we include all the necessary hanging hardware for you.

What is “UV Resistant” Acrylic and Why Should I Care?

UV resistant acrylic is a type of plexiglass that filters out harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays. These rays will fade inks and paint over time, so it’s very important to use UV-resistant acrylics, as well as keep art out of direct sunlight.  We include UV-resistant acrylic in every order we frame.

How long does a frame take?

All our frames are custom made by hand here in Hawaii. Most orders with frames take 2-3 weeks until shipping.

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