walfrido garcia hawaii artist calming reflections original painting
Original artwork of of the ocean and waves during a vivid sunset in a tropical setting by Hawaii artist Walfrido Garcia
walfrido garcia hawaii artist calming reflections tropical art detail
Calming Reflections

Calming Reflections

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Panoramic seascape artwork of the ocean and waves during a vivid sunset in a tropical setting, by famed Hawaii artist Walfrido Garcia.

Walfrido Garcia's panoramic seascape artwork captures the beauty and raw essence of the natural world, particularly the serene crystal clear waters of Hawaii, using a custom painting style called "Romantic Luminism."

  • Original Walfrido Garcia painting using oil on canvas (2019).
  • Art dimensions 18" High x 36" Wide
  • Stretched on wood stretcher bars
  • Wood frame optional

Son of Philippines renowned artist Edgardo F. Garcia, Walfrido was eager to follow in his father's footsteps who had left his homeland to pursue a better life for himself and his family. By the age of 17, Walfrido took after his father and was teaching his own art classes and hanging his art in Carmel galleries.

While on vacation in Hawaii, he found representation on Oahu and attracted the attention of local as well as international art buyers. Walfrido's study and perseverance eventually led to the attention of Wyland and was asked to join the gallery as the youngest artist to display his art in the Wyland gallery chain. Since then Walfrido’s art has graced the walls of art galleries and collectors homes across the United States and abroad.

His style can be described as “Romantic Luminism” in which the subject he portrays goes beyond just imitating a photograph but instead adding a sense of timeless perfection to nature. Each painting plays upon the quality of light whether it is a romantic moonlight, a brilliant sunset, the sea caves of Kauai or the awe-inspiring glow of his signature “Lavascapes“. It's as if each canvas is alive with the brilliant light of nature coming from within. With over 40 years of painting experience behind him, Walfrido is considered to be one of the most distinguished seascape artists today.

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