mae waite vanity wallpaper mixed media original painting
mae waite vanity wallpaper original mixed media painting detail
Mae Waite Vanity Wallpaper original painting

Vanity Wallpaper

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"This beautiful piece was inspired by the idea that one’s outer appearance is as feeble as the most decorative wallpaper. This original painting is embellished with real gold leaf on the woman's robe. "

~ Mae Waite

Beautiful original watercolor painting on paper of a woman combing her long, dark hair, by famed Hawaii artist Mae Waite.

  • Original Mae Waite painting using watercolor paint on archival watercolor paper (2019).
  • Art dimensions 24" High x 18" Wide
  • Comes with a koa veneer frame (26"x32").

Mae Waite is an independent artist and illustrator based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Many of her pieces are the embodiment of her surroundings and emotions that are influenced by the environment. She is constantly in tuned with the artistic process of creating and emphasizes on different techniques. Mae loves to experiment on different surfaces, working closely with oils, ink, graphite, watercolors, acrylics, gouache, and illustrator applications.

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