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Bamboo Wood print keyhole square


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“I love painting waves, it is one of my favorite things to paint. I normally let the paint do most of the work organically. I will load my brush up with blues, and lots of water for painting, letting it react to the different colors and wood how it wants. Much like the ocean. Then I go over that with dry brush strokes to create more of a texture. Sometimes I add white lines over the top to finalize it, and to give it a more abstract look of a wave. They can be curly ques or linear, it’s really whatever the artwork is calling for. I love painting the ocean, there are so many ways you can capture it. Every time I finish a wave piece it brings me a huge sense of calm. The process is just as soothing as swimming in or being near the ocean.”

~ Lauren Roth

A relaxing portrayal of the differing blue and aqua hues of the ocean, printed on a bamboo panel by popular Hawaii artist Lauren Roth.

  • Open Edition print on 100% organic, natural bamboo wood
  • Heavy duty 1-inch thick panels
  • Pre-cut keyholes for easy hanging

Lauren Roth has been creating for as long as she can remember. Her artwork is a unique combination of watercolor, acrylic, ink, and paint markers. Dreamy colors and organic shapes, layered on textured surfaces, invite the viewer to explore her intricate interpretations of life, where one quickly discovers the labor of love Lauren puts into each piece she creates.

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