kris goto ho brah! black frame
kris goto ho brah! white frame
kris goto ho brah! wood frame
kris goto ho brah! mockup
kris goto ho brah! matted print
kris goto ho brah! hula detail

Ho Brah!

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"This piece was inspired by questioning what a hula dancer is wearing underneath."

~ Kris Goto

A playful image of a woman dancing hula in a banana leaf skirt, by popular Hawaii artist Kris Goto.

  • Matted giclée print on archival paper
  • Mat dimensions 14" High x 11" Wide (print size 9" x 7").
  • Wooden frame optional

Being born and raised in the countryside of Japan, Hawaii-based artist Kris Goto developed an early fascination with the Japanese art form manga, especially the works of artists Hayao Miyazaki, Yuu Watase, Ai Yazawa and Osamu Tezuka. Moving to Hong Kong at the age of nine then spending two years of high school in New Zealand, Kris discovered worlds outside of manga, particularly inspired by the imaginative and intricate art of Maori tattoos which shines through in her detailed monochromatic penwork.

Kris moved to Hawaii in 2006, caught her first wave on a surfboard in 2009 and has been making marks in the surf art world ever since. Find her work displayed at multiple hotels in Waikiki and Chinatown.

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