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The Art of Heather Brown (Open Edition)

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The Art of Heather Brown open edition art book features an awesome cover displaying her famous waves. The book features bright colors, amazing artwork, and a wonderful story. The book takes a 10 year retrospective look into the dedication of Heather Brown's contemporary art career. It has been extremely popular within the art community because of its happy artwork, bright colors, and paradise imagery.

“The Art of Heather Brown” is available as an Open Edition hardcover. It is also available as one of two limited edition books with a decorative, embossed slipcase and printed on eco-friendly sustainable materials.

When you look at Heather Brown’s art, you might notice that peaceful tranquility falls over you. Whether you’re reminded of the beauty of Hawaii depicted in each picture or the rush that accompanies surfing a wave, there’s no question that Heather’s art inspires us to be at peace and live Aloha.

Growing up in Southern California, Heather was raised by a family of artists and it’s no surprise that her talents were inherited at a young age. During her earlier years, Heather wanted to be a veterinarian or work with animals. However, since moving to Hawaii nearly 20 years ago, Heather has made it her purpose to bring attention to the beauty of the oceans surrounding these beautiful islands. She has done what most artists struggle to do: make it as a full-time artist.

Heather’s goal is to create artwork that inspires people while protecting the oceans and the environment against pollution for all to enjoy for years to come. She hopes her artwork inspires you to find the beauty in your surroundings while connecting to nature and the Earth.

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