royal hawaiian sunset christie shinn original white frame
royal hawaiian sunset christie shinn original black frame
royal hawaiian sunset christie shinn original
royal hawaiian sunset christie shinn original mockup

Royal Hawaiian Sunset

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"After we were out of lockdown, I started visiting places around Waikiki that are usually crowded with visitors. I sensed it was a unique time in the history of the place and wanted to document it. I covered most of Waikiki but I kept coming back to the Royal Hawaiian because, without all the people, it seemed out of step with time itself. It was easy to imagine standing in that spot 80 years ago and it all looking more or less the same.
I was lucky enough to visit during this small slice of the day when the lanterns came on and the hotel was illuminated against the twilight. Those ancient trees have roots that hang down and sway in the breeze like party streamers and there was a tree sending white petals on the wind like snow. From that one spot, at that time of the evening, with not a soul around me, it was magical."
- Christie Shinn


A vibrant view of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel from underneath a large Banyan tree with a blue and purple-hued sunset sky in the backdrop, by popular North Shore Oahu artist Christie Shinn.

  • Original Christie Shinn painting using acrylic on canvas
  • Art dimensions 24" High x 36" Wide
  • Stretched on wood stretcher bars
  • Wood frame optional

Christie is a Hawaii-based artist with a passion for surf, travel and design. Forgoing the familiar postcard imagery of Hawaii, Christie captures the everyday beauty of island life with her signature brush work and bright palette. Christie’s work intersects surf culture and modern Hawaiiana, re-imagining the local landscape for a modern audience.

Christie's first painting lessons came from her grandmother who taught her the discipline and joy of making marks on canvas. After graduating university, she spent years traveling the world in search of surf, snow and inspiration. During her travels, she documented her life through art, always striving to better observe the world around her. When she reached Hawaii, the most colorful and vibrant place she had ever seen, she knew she found her home. Ten years later, Christie can be found at her studio in the woods on the North Shore of Oahu happily making marks on canvas.

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