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Shane Hamamoto

Gyotaku Artist

Born and raised on Oahu, Shane has always been enamored by the sea. An avid fisherman, Shane has dedicated his creativity to the traditional Japanese art of printing fish: gyotaku. By adding his own twist to this ancient practice, Shane has established himself as a leading gyotaku artist and his unique work is sought after by collectors around the world.

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what is

Gyotaku (pronounced Gee-oh-tah-koo, from gyo "fish" + taku "rubbing") was originally used by Japanese fisherman to document the size of their catch. Over time this technique evolved into an art practice.

Matted Print

Each of Shane's matted prints is made in Hawaii using special metallic fine art paper to bring a subtle, lifelike iridescence to the subject.

gyotaku technique

The technique itself is similar to other traditional methods of printing: the fish is carefully painted with pigment before a sheet of delicate rice paper is laid over top and gently pressed into the fish.

Although it may sound simple, Shane Hamamoto has spent decades honing his craft : each fish has to be coated with just the right amount of pigment and the paper has to be pressed in such a way that the true shape of the fish is preserved. The end result is a striking reproduction filled with beautiful, intricate detail.

HD Metal Print

The bright colors and contrast of Shane's HD metal prints bring his intricate artwork to life.

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