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Mae Waite

Mae Waite is an independent artist and illustrator based in Honolulu, HI. Drawing inspiration from her tropical surroundings, Mae is continuously evolving her style and technique through experimentation with new media and creative concepts. Much of Mae's art is rooted in Hawaiian culture or inspired by local Chinese, Japanese, and Korean communities. Adopted from China into a primarily Caucasian family, Mae fell in love with the diversity of Hawaii at a young age.

"I moved here from San Diego and immediately noticed that everyone was my skin color and looked like me. I felt very comfortable... I blended in. I decided that I wanted to stay." ~ Mae Waite


Hawaii artist Mae Waite original painting
"I Saw the Sunrise" by Mae Waite

Inspired by the sights of Honolulu, Mae's art is her way of sharing the most beautiful pieces of her life with the world. Her botanical paintings like Banana Palms are inspired by local flora, Princess Koi was inspired by the koi ponds just down the street from her apartment. Figurative pieces like Lounging Lei Ladies and Magnolia Crown were created as a tribute to native Hawaiian traditions. From meticulously researched cultural subjects to whimsical scenes drawn from her imagination, Hawaii is Mae's fountain of creative inspiration.

Mae Waite Hawaii Artist Lounging
"Lounging Lei Makers" by Mae Waite

"My art is always evolving... I'm constantly learning new methods and discovering new elements of myself." ~ Mae Waite

In addition to experimenting with new artistic media, Mae also pushes her technical and creative boundaries by challenging herself to do more with less. Our favorite example of this is Mae's original painting Smeared Bamboo, a complex landscape created using only unidirectional strokes of India ink.

mae waite smeared bamboo wall mock up
"Smeared Bamboo" by Mae Waite

"My personal philosophy is to keep your mind open to new modes of thinking and creating, because everything you learn is just a stepping stone to your life's masterpiece." ~ Mae Waite

New Original Paintings by Mae Waite

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