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Historically there has been a great lack of community art resources in Hawaii, including a comprehensive and accurate Artist Directory.  Local art galleries typically only list Hawaii and mainland artists they represent, while local art associations may only list a narrow subset of artists (watercolor-only, island-specific).  The vision of is to bring more awareness to fine artists in Hawaii, and as Hawaii's new Art Marketplace, is pleased to build and offer the first comprehensive, free "Hawaii Artist Directory".

If you know of any professional Hawaii artists who should be added, or have updates to existing artists, please contact us at [email protected].


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A.B. Makk A.B. Makk Figurative, Impressionism, Landscape Canvas, Oil Painting
Abigail Romanchak Abigail Romanchak Abstract Printmaking
Al Hogue Al Hogue Figurative, Landscape, Seascape Oil Painting
Alex Gupton Alex Gupton Contemporary Canvas Painting
Alina Kawai Alina Kawai Abstract Acrylic, Paper Painting, Mixed Media
Anastasia Waldecker Anastasia Waldecker Landscape, Plein Air Canvas Painting
Andy Hawes Andy Hawes Figurative Photography
Arius Hopman Arius Hopman Landscape, Plein Air Watercolor Painting, Photography
Ashley Kaase Ashley Kaase Contemporary Watercolor Painting
Azusa Takahashi Azusa Takahashi Contemporary, Figurative Acrylic, Fabric, Paper Painting, Drawing/Illustration
Barbara Hanson Barbara Hanson Ceramic Sculpture
Betty Hay Betty Hay Landscape, Plein Air, Seascape Oil Painting
Blaise Domino Blaise Domino Abstract, Figurative Ink, Paper, Pen, Pencil Painting, Drawing/Illustration
Bree Poort Bree Poort Seascape Resin Painting
Brenda Cablayan Brenda Cablayan Landscape, Plein Air Acrylic, Canvas Painting
Brenda Young Brenda Young Figurative
Brian Bent Brian Bent Expressionism, Figurative Canvas Painting
Brook Parker Brook Parker Figurative Oil Painting
Cade Roster Cade Roster Contemporary Drawing/Illustration, Mixed Media
Carol Collette Carol Collette Figurative, Landscape, Seascape Watercolor Painting, Printmaking
Carolyn Lancaster Carolyn Lancaster Contemporary Watercolor Painting
Chanel Tanaka Chanel Tanaka Figurative Acrylic, Canvas Painting
Displaying 1–25 of 186 1 2 3 7 8

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