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Historically there has been a great lack of community art resources in Hawaii, including a comprehensive and accurate Artist Directory.  Local art galleries typically only list Hawaii and mainland artists they represent, while local art associations may only list a narrow subset of artists (watercolor-only, island-specific).  The vision of is to bring more awareness to fine artists in Hawaii, and as Hawaii's new Art Marketplace, is pleased to build and offer the first comprehensive, free "Hawaii Artist Directory".

If you know of any professional Hawaii artists who should be added, or have updates to existing artists, please contact us at [email protected].


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Aaron Hammer Aaron Hammer Abstract Wood Sculpture
Abigail Romanchak Abigail Romanchak Abstract Printmaking
Adriano Ferraz Adriano Ferraz Figurative Stone Sculpture
Aidan Murray Aidan Murray Representational Wood Printmaking
Al Hogue Al Hogue Figurative, Landscape, Seascape Oil Painting
Alan Wilkinson Alan Wilkinson Representational Wood Sculpture
Alex Franceschini Alex Franceschini Wood Sculpture
Alex Gupton Alex Gupton Contemporary Canvas Painting
Alissa Hartmann Alissa Hartmann Landscape, Seascape Acrylic, Canvas Painting
Amber Aguirre Amber Aguirre Figurative Ceramic Sculpture
Anastasia Waldecker Anastasia Waldecker Landscape, Plein Air Canvas Painting
Andrea Pro Andrea Pro Fabric, Wood Printmaking
Andrew Miller Andrew Miller Pop Art, Surrealism Canvas, Oil Painting
Andy Hawes Andy Hawes Figurative Photography
Anita Benson Anita Benson Landscape, Seascape Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor Painting
Anna Fuernsteiner Anna Fuernsteiner Figurative, Landscape, Seascape Acrylic, Canvas, Oil Painting
Anne Irons Anne Irons Photorealism, Surrealism Watercolor Painting
Anthony Randall Anthony Randall Contemporary Acrylic, Canvas, Charcoal, Paper Painting
April Abston April Abston Seascape Acrylic, Canvas Painting
Arius Hopman Arius Hopman Landscape, Plein Air Watercolor Painting, Photography
Arlene Woo Arlene Woo Photorealism, Surrealism Watercolor Painting
Arthur Ellsworth Nelander Arthur Ellsworth Nelander Abstract, Figurative Ceramic, Paper Painting, Digital Art, Sculpture
Arya Azadi Arya Azadi Abstract Ceramic Sculpture
Displaying 1–25 of 415 1 2 3 16 17

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