Hawaii Art Calendar Initiative

Historically there has been a great lack of community art resources in Hawaii, including centralized event calendars and artist directories.  Popular local media such as newspapers and some web sites host local "entertainment" sections and list some art events occasionally, but most art events do not get nearly enough publicity to assist artists, galleries and other art entities with marketing.

As Hawaii's new Art Marketplace, 808Arts.com is pleased to build and offer the first FREE "community art calendar" that supports all fine artists, art galleries, museums, and related art organizations throughout the State of Hawaii.

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The vision of 808Arts.com is to bring more awareness to fine arts in Hawaii, by publicizing art events online and by driving more visitors (tourists, general public, students, art industry professionals) to art events such as festivals, artist studio openings, gallery shows, and more.  This calendar will allow art event organizers to reach larger audiences than on their own, by leveraging 808Arts.com's extensive online visibility and marketing efforts.

The Art Calendar is a "community accessible tool", and has been designed to be a "self-service" platform to allow interested people to register and then add their own art events (with moderator approval).  We provide support and advise on how to use this calendar, and we promote calendar events heavily online via professional digital marketing efforts including SEO/SEM, paid advertising, social media, email and more.

The Art Calendar is FREE... take a look to see what art events are happening in Hawaii, and join/register if you have an upcoming event!  For any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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