Featured Collection: Tropical Flora

Art inspired by Hawaii's lush foliage and diverse plant life.

'Banana Palms' by Mae Waite

Mae Waite

Drawing on her surroundings and the emotions they evoke for inspiration, Mae's art is a tribute to the abundance of beauty that plant life brings to Hawaii's landscape.

Christie Shinn

Christie Shinn's art is bright, colorful, and filled with intricate details of daily life in Hawaii. Applying her graphic style and dynamic palette to Hawaii's flora, Christie captures the magic of Hawaii's foliage.

'Kawela Wild' by Christie Shinn
'Jungle Dreams' by Lauren Roth

Lauren Roth

Combining vibrant colors, organic textures and a whimsical style, Lauren Roth is an expert at capturing the joy of Hawaii's natural landscape in her artwork.

Tropical Flora in Hawaii

Hawaiian flora is magnificent and diverse. The island chain of Hawaii enjoys a subtropical climate with warm weather year-round. Combined the soil that is rich with volcanic ash, Hawaii is a perfect environment for all sorts of plants and animals to thrive.

Visitors flock to Hawaii to enjoy the peaceful nature of the islands, and infusing your home with tropical wall art is the perfect way to bring some of this tranquility into your daily life. In addition to supporting local artists in Hawaii, collecting wall art with the colors and textures of the Hawaiian landscape will remind you of your favorite place to travel and transform your home into a serene oasis.

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