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Kristi Petosa-Sigel Art

Kristi Petosa-Sigel's Hawaiian art prints capture the essence of the Aloha State with vibrant colors and evocative imagery. Her work is a celebration of Hawaii's natural beauty and cultural richness, making these prints an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring a piece of paradise into their home. A print like "Palm Breeze" transports viewers straight to the serene beaches of Hawaii, with its detailed rendering of a palm tree against a brilliant blue sky. The meticulous attention to the palm's textures and the play of light and shadow exemplify the artist's skill and make this piece a captivating example of Hawaii art.

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About Kristi Petosa-Sigel

In the realm of hula wall art, Kristi's prints stand out for their lively portrayal of the island's dance tradition. "Emua Hula" and "Elua Hula" are exquisite hula prints that feature dancers adorned with traditional lei and headdress, their expressions capturing the joy and spirit of the hula. These prints serve as a wonderful souvenir from a trip to Hawaii, reminding one of the islands' soul-stirring music and dance. Displaying such artwork at home not only adds a touch of Hawaiian elegance but also serves as a daily reminder of the emotional happiness and tranquility that the hula embodies.

Kristi's "Kalapawai Market" print is a vivid representation of Hawaii's charming landscapes and communal spaces, with its patchwork of colors creating a quilt of island life. This piece of Hawaii art illustrates a bustling market scene, invoking the sense of community and the laid-back lifestyle that is quintessential to Hawaiian culture. The print's intricate details and lively colors can brighten any space, adding life and joy to a room when displayed.

Lastly, "Ikaika Hula" is a powerful hula print that showcases the strength and grace of the Hawaiian people. The artist's use of dynamic strokes and rich hues brings the figures to life, making it a striking piece of hula wall art. Owning a print like this is not just about aesthetic appreciation—it's about connecting with the cultural heartbeat of Hawaii. Each print promises to be a conversation starter, infusing any home with the island's vibrant spirit and enhancing the owner's collection of art with a touch of Hawaiian allure.


Kristi Petosa-Sigel has been a freelance artist for over 30 years, with over 20 living and working in Hawaii. She is an active professional artist, always producing some sort of art and trying new styles and following inspirations that are all around her in the islands. She has a very eclectic style... her medium of choice is Acrylic on board or canvas with traditional paintings. Her style reflects the vibrant colors, light and unique culture and landscape of Hawaii throughout her work. When she is not painting, she produces a variety of computer generated art in various styles.