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      Hawaii native Jack Soren has spent most of his life in the ocean surfing, exploring the Island and his passions. From a young age Jack discovered an interest in drawing and painting which in turn lead him to graffiti and street art. He is currently working on his professional career as a full time artist painting murals, displaying fine art in galleries, and exploring different mediums and creative outlets.

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      For Jack, being a Hawaiian artist producing in Hawaii is an incredibly complex position to be in, with many points to be considered, all of which appear in his painting. There is responsibility, obligation, passion, and fulfilment in applying his lineage to the work that he creates. In reworking idyllic, postcard depictions of “vintage” Hawaii, he attempts - in some small part - to reclaim old Hawaii’s colonized imagery and make it his own, bringing it back into Hawaiian hands, denying the foreign commercialization of those postcard images, while retaining those images’ depiction of Hawaii’s beauty and culture with recognizable figures and a strong, smooth color palette.

      The North Shore of Oahu is the Mecca of Surfing, the “7 mile miracle” is home to some of the best waves on the planet. As it is a Hawaiian tradition and past time, it is also a big part of Jack’s family and history. Surfing has always been a priority since he can remember. The ocean has been a very spiritual place for Jack. His fathers last few hours on earth were spent surfing with Jack and his sister at once of their family’s favorite surf spots. The ocean is a place of peace and a source of life where he escapes the world to connect with the land and his family.

      On a larger scale, Jack has become a prolific mural artist, having been commissioned to produce massive work for clients like The International Market Place and Bloomingdales. The grand scale and familiarity of painting on walls is what makes mural art the preferred application of Jack’s work. In pursuit of this preference - most notably, through institutions like Pow! Wow! and SprayseeLA - Jack has been a featured artist in mural festivals across the globe.