The Diamond Head volcano at the background while a man is relaxing in a hammock by Hawaii artist Lovisa Oliv
A man in a hammock is waiting to catch a fish by Hawaii artist Lovisa Oliv
A man's fishing rods by Hawaii artist Lovisa Oliv
A man in hammock while fishing with a distant view of the Diamond Head by Hawaii artist Lovisa Oliv
A distant view of the Diamond Head and a man relaxing in a hammock by Hawaii artist Lovisa Oliv
Nighttime Ulua Fishing

Nighttime Ulua Fishing

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" Ulua shore fishing is a subculture of the local community. While the fish are a big draw, a lot of the appeal is the scene. Setting up at sunset to fish all night long, with some island music while crashing waves fill the air. With bells hanging and Ti leaf for good luck, shore fishing is a way to pass down skills and traditions."

~Lovisa Oliv

A painting of a man fishing while unwinding in a hammock, printed on a birch wood panel by popular Hawaii artist Lovisa Oliv.

  • Open Edition print on 100% organic, natural birch wood
  • Heavy-duty 1-inch thick panels
  • Pre-cut keyholes for easy hanging

Born and raised in Sweden, Lovisa Oliv has an innate appreciation for the clean, elegant lines of Scandinavian design. After studying fashion design in Florence, Italy, and at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Lovisa moved to Maui and fell in love with the tropical weather and island lifestyle.

Combining her knowledge of balance and proportion with the flowing nature of watercolor, Lovisa creates unique artwork that is simultaneously precise and fluid, filled with seemingly effortless movement. A closer look reveals Lovisa’s meticulous attention to detail and careful planning - thoughtful layers of color and luminosity and imaginative use of negative space and contrast lend each piece striking depth and definition.

Lovisa’s playful watercolor illustrations have led to art collaborations, commissions and licensing with clients around the world.