david friedman hawaii artist painting

David Friedman Art

The fine art paintings of David Friedman burst with the vivacious spirit of Hawaii's landscapes. His dynamic brushwork and bold color choices combine to create a visual symphony that depicts the island's vibrancy in a way that feels both fantastical and intimately familiar. It's as if he's channeling the very essence of Hawaii's natural beauty, from the lush greenery of the forests to the radiant hues of the coastal sunsets.

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About David Friedman

Friedman's approach to these Hawaii paintings is like a passionate dance of colors on the canvas, each hue singing in harmony with the next. The texture and depth he achieves invite us to step into each Hawaii landscape as if it were a living, breathing entity. His style, a blend of abstraction and realism, captures not just the visual splendor of the islands but also the emotional resonance they hold.

In our collection, we revel in the way David Friedman translates the essence of Hawaii's diverse topography into a visual language that's both exuberant and profoundly moving. His works are a testament to the islands' enduring allure, a celebration of their colors, and an invitation to experience the aloha spirit through every brushstroke.


David Friedman is popularly know for his bright color palette.

Color can be Additive or Subtractive. The spectral colors of rainbows, television & movies are radiant. They radiate. The "color" we perceive is not the actual color of the thing. Colors of the natural world (paint, ink, crayons, jelly beans... "things") reflect light. They bounce the light that is illuminating them to your eye. I create an additive world of light & shadow using the subtractive medium of paint. It gets tricky!

Just like one of his heroes, the legendary Jackson Pollock who took abstraction to its extreme, David Friedman learned the rules of artistic composition and made a career out of coloring outside the lines.