cameron brooks hawaii aerial photography

Cameron Brooks Photography

We're absolutely delighted to immerse ourselves in the stunning aerial photography of Cameron Brooks. His ability to capture Hawaii photos from a bird's-eye view brings a fresh perspective to the breathtaking landscapes of the islands. Each image is a meticulous composition of nature's grandeur, blending the vivid blues of the ocean with the lush greens of the tropical terrain.

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About Cameron Brooks

In our view, Cameron Brooks' aerial photography transcends traditional landscapes, offering a majestic tapestry that combines the artistry of light, the rhythms of nature, and the sheer beauty of Hawaii's topography. From the serene calm of sandy beaches to the dramatic play of clouds over rugged cliffs, each photo tells a story that's as deep as the waters and as high as the sky.

Embracing the spirit of the islands, Brooks' work encapsulates the essence of aloha with every shot. His photographs are not merely images; they are experiences that invite us to soar above and appreciate the islands' natural beauty from an extraordinary vantage point. It's an artistic journey that reminds us why Hawaii remains a place of wonder and why we're drawn to the dance of earth and ocean from above.


Cameron Brooks is Hawaii's most well-known aerial photographer. His superbly detailed shots of iconic Hawaii scenes around the islands are enjoyed in many homes, hotels and commercial locations.