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We, as enthusiasts of floral art and aficionados of flower photography, are absolutely delighted to share our thoughts on the captivating fine art photography of Are Eidet. His work is a testament to the beauty and diversity of the natural world, masterfully captured through the lens of his camera.

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About Are Eidet

Eidet's "Balance" portrays a harmonious assembly of flowers, a yin and yang of colors where delicate whites intertwine with vibrant pinks, creating a visual symphony that speaks to the equilibrium found in nature. The piece is a remarkable example of floral art, showcasing Eidet's ability to freeze the ephemeral beauty of blossoms in a timeless state, offering the viewer a moment of peace and reflection. This image, like a poetic stanza, encapsulates the gentle dance between color and form.

In "Fire," Eidet transitions from the soft subtleties of floral arrangements to the fierce dynamism of elemental forces. This image crackles with life, its fiery rings evoking a primal energy that contrasts with the quietude of his flower photography. The concentric circles of light suggest a cosmos in motion, a celestial dance captured with a keen eye for the interplay of light and shadow. It's a stunning reminder of the artist's versatility and the breadth of his talent.

Turning to "Nasturtium Smile," Eidet captures the whimsical joy of sun-kissed nasturtiums, their vibrant oranges and yellows bursting forth with life against the fresh green foliage. This piece is a cheerful celebration of color, embodying the sun's warmth and the playful dance of flowers in a gentle breeze. "Oahu," "Plumeria," and "Vennesla" continue this celebration, each in their own unique way. Whether it's the surreal, globe-like portrayal of Oahu's lush landscapes or the plumeria's delicate petals arranged in a spiral of fragrance and color, Eidet's work transports us to a world where nature's artistry is paramount. His "Vennesla" is a winter wonder encapsulated within a sphere, a microcosm of serene beauty.

Through Eidet's lens, we are reminded of the simple pleasures that surround us, the beauty that awaits in a bloom, and the awe-inspiring majesty of our world. His fine art photography is not just a feast for the eyes but also nourishment for the soul, inviting us to pause, admire, and appreciate the natural tapestry of life.


Are Eidet is a Hawaii-based fine art photographer with an eye for capturing the beauty of Hawaii with unique and thought-provoking compositions. Are's photography is exquisitely detailed, drawing the viewer in to admire the art of nature itself.