Artist Profile: Alex Gupton

hawaii artist alex gupton in kona studio

"Most people dream of ‘one day’ being able to pursue their dreams. I live my dream every day. Being allowed to create artwork while residing in Paradise with my amazing wife and three great kids, surrounded by friends and family--I am unbelievably lucky and honored to live this life." ~ Alex Gupton

About Alex Gupton

Alex has spent most of his life living on the Kona coast of the Big Island, and the exposure to Hawaii’s stunning tropical landscapes, bountiful marine life, and rich traditions sparked a passion for the islands that comes through in his internationally-acclaimed artwork.

kona artist alex gupton hawaiian sea turtle art detail

Alex's art is easily distinguished by the seemingly endless details that have been skillfully embedded within his subjects. A close look at any of his pieces will reveal entire worlds of elegant and intricate pen illustrations.

“The ocean’s always had such a strong pull for me, when I’m away from it I just don’t do well. I just like looking at the creatures in the water — they’re otherworldly and marvelous.” ~ Alex Gupton

Another signature element of Alex's art is his creative composition. Rather than paint the subject into its surroundings, Alex spends hours lovingly drawing the surroundings inside of the subject. Tropical fish like 'Betty' contain a variety of Hawaiian vignettes, from an octopus twining its tentacles around tropical plants to a pair of Adirondack chairs facing the ocean, where a humpback whale is breaching in the distance.

Inspired by his mother, artist Penny Gupton, a lifetime of sketching, drawing and designing have produced a portfolio of artwork ranging from tiny drawings to large scale murals. Alex's art can be found in galleries throughout Hawaii and beyond, and we're thrilled to feature him and his incredible work here on! Click here to shop Alex's 808Arts collection.



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