Artist Profile: Lauren Roth

hawaii tropical artist lauren roth in kailua studio

"My art is an extension of myself, thoughts turned into my creations." ~ Lauren Roth

About Lauren Roth

Combining vibrant colors, organic textures and a whimsical style, Lauren Roth is an expert at creating joyful art. Using a unique mixture of watercolor, acrylic, ink, and paint markers Lauren draws inspiration from the natural world around her and the emotions that Hawaii evokes. Each painting Lauren creates is like a love letter to Hawaii, filled with positive energy and contagious happiness.

kailua hawaii artist lauren roth floral mountain painting


Lauren's signature style has attracted a variety of collaborations, ranging from RipCurl to Kate Spade. Leveraging her success to give back to the community, Lauren and her husband Jon opened the Lauren Roth Art Boutique in Kailua in 2018.

"The strong sense of community in the Hawaii Art scene has always been something that I have been grateful for, and what has helped me to grow as an artist ... I wanted to create a space for others to thrive as well." ~ Lauren Roth

Lauren's artwork can be found in multiple galleries, shops, and boutiques across the Hawaiian Islands, Mainland, and Japan. She has been featured in numerous magazine editorials for her many accomplishments and continued growth as a Hawaii based artist. We couldn't be prouder to count Lauren as a gallery artist for - we are always looking forward to seeing what she creates next!  Click here to shop Lauren's 808Arts collection.

kailua hawaii artist lauren roth colorful tropical flora painting detail

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