Artist Profile: Bree Poort

 bree poort hawaii resin artist surfing

"When inspiration or ideas come, don't doubt yourself in those ideas, or that they're going to take you somewhere amazing. Trust that." ~ Bree Poort

About Bree Poort

Born and raised in Southern California, Bree's passion for art, surfing, and the ocean was encouraged from a young age. Family nights were often spent beachside by the campfire after a full day of surf and sun. Many days were also spent along her mother's side watching her mother paint and give Bree tips and techniques in creating art. 

bree poort hawaii resin artist painting in studio

Bree moved to Hawaii for college where she studied graphic design. During her last semester she happened to find herself working with a drone - and the images she captured inspired her to paint the ocean from above. The fluid nature of resin made it the perfect medium for recreating the subtle gradients and movement of the ocean.

Bree Poort resin artist seascape ocean dreams

Today Bree continues to create her aerial seascapes from her studio on the North Shore of Oahu. Combining her skill as an aerial photographer with her minimalist & abstract aesthetic, Bree's breathtaking artwork is sought after by collectors around the globe.

In addition to her successful art business, Bree's fearless creativity and entrepreneurial spirit fueled her most recent project, a brand called 'Mojo':

"It's going to be a more collaborative space for creatives... I want to help other women and other creatives push their dreams forward" ~ Bree Poort

We're thrilled to count Bree as one of our 808Arts gallery artists. Her collection of work on includes original paintings in addition to limited & open edition prints in a variety of mediums. Click here to shop Bree's entire 808Arts collection!



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