Punky Aloha

Hawaii artist Shar Punky Aloha

Punky Aloha is the design and illustration studio of Shar Tuiasoa.  She is based in Hawaii, on Oahu, in the town of Kailua, where she was born and raised.  Shar spent six years studying Fine Art and earning a certificate in Fine Art from her local community college before moving on the Laguna College of Art and Design where she earned her BFA in Illustration and Entertainment Design.  Punky Aloha is a multi-disciplinary design and illustration studio, with experience working on commercial illustration for advertising and marketing, children’s illustrations, stationary, and surface designs.  Shar’s primary aesthetics are bold, graphic, vibrant and young with mid-century modern influences, however she prides herself on her strong ability to adapt to any style.

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