Kris Goto

Hawaii artist Kris Goto

Hawaii artist Kris Goto’s early fascination was with manga, especially the works of artists Hayao MiyazakiYuu Watase, Ai Yazawa and Osamu Tezuka.  She never doubted that she would be a manga artist after she graduated high school.  Pen on paper is her preferred medium as it allows her to express herself and see what her brain sees.  What she’s done, seen and felt is a huge factor when it comes to art inspiration.
Born and raised in the countryside of Japan (woo hoo rice fields!!), Kris moved to Hong Kong at a young age. She moved to Hawaii in 2006 and has found great commercial success in Hawaii galleries and with collectors around the world.

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She also spent two years of school in New Zealand where she discovered art beyond manga, particularly inspired by the art of Maori tattoos, the imaginative and eerie works of Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman collaboration.

She is active surfing and creating both mural and canvas art.  Kris is inspired by the local island lifestyle and the surf culture of Hawaii, and is fascinated by the local tradition, expression and the inexplicable sense of home that she experiences here.  Her favorite comfort food is pho, soup and rice balls with lots of mayo mentaiko.

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