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808Arts.com is Hawaii's premier professional Art Marketplace.  Its vision is to bring more awareness to Hawaii art, specifically "visual fine arts" including paintings, drawings, sculpture, and fine art photography.

  • Our curated Online Gallery contains a collection of original Hawaii art and art prints from many of the most sought-after Hawaii artists.
  • Our comprehensive Artist Directory is a public, free resource that lists and highlights many fine artists in Hawaii, and is supported and expanded regularly.
  • Our Community Arts Calendar to help promote public awareness of art events, assist events organizers to reach larger audiences, and offer a commerce platform to help artists support their livelihood.

The team behind 808Arts.com has been supporting the Hawaii arts community and bringing to market a variety of fine art products through our sister companies Black Sand Publishing and  Chromaco since 2001.  808Arts.com is a highly visible, online art marketplace reaching people around the world interested in the incredibly powerful Hawaii brand, to connect them with incredibly talented Hawaii artists.


The mission of 808Arts.com is to support the Visual Fine Arts community of Hawaii, by bringing worldwide attention to Hawaii artists and their artwork.  Our focus specifically includes original paintings, drawings, printmaking, sculpture, and fine-art photography.  We help Art be used as a medium for the creative expression and vision of artist ideas, and our Mission achieves progress helping artists of Hawaii when these artists in turn achieve sustainable business success and positive market visibility.

Visitors, art collectors, gallerists, wholesale/trade people, media, educators & students around the world can all benefit greatly from 808Arts.com via its comprehensive Events Calendar service, Artsy Destinations, Art Resources, and Art Associations pages.

Art Topics

808Arts.com is happy to share its accumulated years of experience in the Hawaii art market with this series of insight articles and advice.

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